Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I have been bitten once again by the cozy bug!

After a long hiatus from reading cozy mysteries, I found myself walking the aisles at Barnes & Noble scanning the cozy shelves. Two books called to me and I had to take them home, even though I don’t normally buy books at Barnes & Noble. (Usually I scan books there and pick them up at an indie bookshop or get them from the library.)

They were both the first in a new series, so I knew I had not read either of them before. Because while I love a good cozy, the one thing I find with them is that I tend to forget which books I have read. I have found that Goodreads helps by you by keeping track of what you have read. You can also rate and review each book. If you are trying to remember what you have already read the site Cozy-Mysteries.Com is great for helping you find books by theme and author.

Still sometimes those two sites are not enough for me to really keep track of what I have read. So I am starting this blog to log each of my books and to keep track of characters and themes. I still highly recommend both of those sites and plan to use them constantly. I plan to log all of the cozy’s read and I have read in the past here. I am not 100% sure I will remember them all, but I will start with new reads and add to them as I go. `

Now on with the reviews!

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